My name is Robert LaMonte Dugger. I am 52 years old and am a State of Iowa Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer. I am married to my high school sweetheart, Michelle. Together  we raised three wonderful men. Ryan Wallace, Nicholas Robert, Jonathan Derek. All three are loved so unconditionally by Michelle and I. Presently, Michelle and I make our home in Marengo, Iowa. We have lived here since November of 2017. Prior to that, we lived in Belmond, Iowa. But, I am getting very far ahead of myself. I would like to wax philosophic and spiritual a moment before explaining a time-line of locations and experiences.

     I am so very blessed to have been born into a very loving Christian middle-class American Mid-western Family. Father Robert Lee Dugger is the son of the late Gerald and Helma Bowen Dugger. Just like myself and my two brothers, the spark of a divine soul, was placed within my Father by his parents. Mother Janice Ann Blomberg is the daughter of the late Reuben and May Anderson Blomberg. She too conveyed to her children the “Fire of Jesus Christ” as had been placed by her parents. This is why I maintain the fire of God Almighty, the blessing, placed within my body as I was born into this world, Fort Dodge, Iowa July 9, 1967. The Sacrament of Holy Baptism and a rearing in the  faith of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, is the gasoline that fueled the fire of my soul. I grew up in Manson, Iowa where I was given ever opportunity to experience happiness and sorrow. I was applauded and ridiculed, rewarded and disciplined to which I received a most priceless education.


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