Home Of The Mad Ranjer

(def’)- Mad Ranjer:

     Mad Ranjer has been a phrase of particular curiosity since its inception. Patrons, friends and family, have raised the query as to the origin. Email to the madranjer@gmail are interested to know where the term comes. Mad Ranjer is a moniker of my own creation. One of my life’s goals is to be the owner and operator of a recognized successful brand name. A name unlike any other name in any given market of the world. There are so many different names for businesses in the today. (i.e. – Exxon, Aflac, Apple, IBM, etc.) How and why they become successful comes from a great myriad of factors. Businesses also become well-known but not fiscally successful. The success or failure of a business has very little to do the name and much more to do with the creative work put into it, but a good name helps. The name as of yet not achieved what I would call an enormous amount of notoriety, but it is original and unique. I intend on putting much more work in the development of Mad Ranjer awareness.

     The single biggest reason for my composing this post is to explain how I created the name “Mad Ranjer” and my thinking for it. Mad Ranjer is not a character per say. It is not a man or woman. It is not a plant or animal. Most times I believe people see “Mad Ranjer” and the first thought that comes to mind is a super-hero. I did anyway, so I went ahead and created one just for giggles. (see below) I am an old comic book artist, or it was a dream of mine once to make it my life’s work. So, what the heck.


     It is still very much in the developmental stages. 

     I could talk extensively about business names and marketing strategy. When my franchise has evolved into a world-wide success, that information will come at a premium. Let’s stay on the topic at hand, the origin of “Mad Ranjer”. I simply took the first letter from all the first names of my dearly loved close family unit, my beloved wife and three handsome sons. I added several necessary vowels and finally a “D”, for Dugger.