Iowa Sports Book Legalized

State Of Iowa Sports Betting Bill Is Law

Iowa lawmakers have passed a bill to allow the state’s 19 casinos to begin offering sports betting (upon acquiring the needed licenses) as well as to legalize wagering on daily fantasy sports.

On Monday, as expected, Iowa’s Governor Reynolds signed the bill into law, making Iowa the 11th state to legalize sports betting.

Now the state’s regulators will develop rules and guidelines, with that process expected to be completed during the summer in time for Iowans to bet on sports immediately. Maybe a little action now will prepare the newcomers for the big season in September 2019.

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ZCode System Scam

Is There A ZCode™ System Scam?

Hi again, this is Jake Rues and I’m back with some myth busting about the ever popular yet controversial ZCode™ System. There is a lot of buzz about this system so I’m just here to clear some air out for all!
Many people around the web are of the view that the ZCode™ System is merely a scam and claim they have never really made any returns on their investments in the system. As someone who has dedicated his life to sport betting and is an active member of the ZCode™ System, I will explain to you all how it’s not a scam and you can actually capitalize on the information that it offers!

Before I get started with the review, I would like to clarify that the ZCode™ System is a predictive analysis tool for sports betting. It can offer you accurate picks and predictions on a daily basis, but at the end of the day, how much you engage in the member zone and how good you are as a punter will also come into play. For instance, if you have just started professional betting, then you will have to learn your trade before you can take advantage of ZCode™ System.

The Review

You will probably read a lot many reviews on other sites for the ZCode™ System, but this is one that is directly going to their website. For the sake of transparency, I decided to play small bets on NBA, because I’m already a well established bettor in the member zone. I placed my bet on the Cleveland Cavaliers versus Miami Heat game on October 11, which was rated as a five star game. The ZCode™ System used its predictive analysis and the results showed that Miami Heat would lose by a margin of 5 to 10 points. It turns out that Miami Heat did actually lose, albeit by only 3 points. Regardless of the score line, the system predicted the results with almost 95% accuracy, which is amazing to say the least. I won fair and square by betting on the Cavaliers. The other bet I placed was on New York Knicks facing the Boston Celtics on the same day. The ZCode™ System predicted that the Knicks would take it to the Celtics and win by a margin of 15 points. I was more shocked than surprised when I discovered that the Knicks won by 16 points, which just proves how accurate the system really is.

Richard Lustig’s

Lottery Winner University

Richard Lustig has won the lotto a shocking 7 times. 

He is so popular that even Racheal Ray has had him on her show to give some of his secrets. He has been featured all over the news. Now he is retiring and near the end of his life and is giving away all his secrets… 

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